Lets start something!

Lets start something!

Hey there! I finally decided to start a blog about my fitness journey, thoughts, and possibly some fun geeky randomness that encompass what my personality really is. I’ve been into fitness for a long time, from sports in middle and high school, to becoming a cardio bunny(although really hating it…) to now being into weight training.

I don’t have a really great story behind me to be honest. No major weight loss, no important or significant event that changed my life or view on the world.  What I do have though, is a desire to better myself both physically and mentally and have found fitness to be a great avenue to do this.

This realization definitely didn’t happen over night. I’ll admit, a few years ago I was very lazy only going once or twice a week, doing 30 or so minutes and calling that a week. I was lucky enough to have a decent metabolism and didn’t gain much weight… well, I still did, but it wasn’t anything that made me say WTF to the scale. I picked things up going 4-5 times a week for a while, then got back to my lazy eating shit for food ways. Going back and forth like this for a few years until finally about 6 months ago I weight more than I ever had. 177 pounds on my 5’7 frame. I was pretty disgusted with myself and knew something had to change. I needed a schedule/routine and diet that would change, permanently.

I’ll get into more details in other posts. But since that shocking weight of mine, I’ve managed to get down to 168 consistently! Still not where I want to be, but its a fantastic start. I’m not going over the top with going to the gym or diet either. I’m doing what I think is right to keep these habits sustainable. For me that means going to the gym 7 to eat donuts we got at 5:30 after. I’M OK WITH IT!

I’m no one special, I’m just a geeky silly girl who managed to really get into fitness 🙂 I really want to share my experiences/thoughts and just anything that seems interesting!! I do enough research on fitness and diet that I feel like it’s being useless in my head without sharing it so…why not! And I DEFINITELY could use any input on what to post as well. Let me know if you want my thoughts on something.